How could you allow few hooligans to hurl bottles at Bebe cool–President son Muhoozi to Police.

Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operation First son, Lt.Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba has slammed police and organisers for not providing enough protection to singer Bebe Cool during Cindy concert last Saturday at Cricket Oval.

Early this morning Monday 9 March , in a tweet, Gen.Muhoozi said it was wrong for security to let such hooliganism continue under their watch.

“How could police and the bouncers at Cindy’s concert allow a few hooligans to hurl bottles at one of Uganda’s greatest artists? The same hooligans beat up women on women’s day for simply loving President Museveni and Bebe Cool,” Lt. Gen.Muhoozi said in a tweet on Monday morning.

“We expect a lot better next time from Police.”

As Bebe Cool performed on Saturday, a section of the fans booed and pelt bottles at the singer whom they accused of siding with their “oppressors” and attempts by the MC to calm the situation proved futile.