How It Went Down At Pyem Myel Season 9

The seasonal Pyem Myel event presented and by Splendid Uganda along side Pine Avenue5, Sarai Art and Alpha Media Production was successfully successfully conducted yesterday.
The event which usually occurs yearly is aimed at promoting the Northern Uganda’s Entertainment Industry through empowering the talented youths of Northern Uganda by encouraging themselves in dancing competition whereby the best dance group work away with 1Million Uganda’s shillings.
Pyem Myel season 8”s best winner was Team Luo Revolution who won both seasons 7 and 8 in two consecutive wins.
The 9th season which took place yesterday was full of funs and entertainment with six Teams battling for the 1 Million Uganda’s Shillings as the judges decide their fate.
The event’s judges were;
Judge AY Kasozi as the lead judge alongside Judge Felisha and Judge Candy Love and hosted by MC Trina. The event winners were as follows;

Luo Galaxy – Best Team Awarded 1 Million Ugx and a Trophy

Swag Stars – Second Best Team Awarded 400,000 Ugx and the second Position Trophy.

The Most Wanted – Third Best Team Awarded 200,000 Ugx and the third position trophy.

Gift Of Feetz – Fourth Best Team awarded with 100,000 Ugx

The Elements – Came Fifth position

Hi 5 – Came Last in Sixth position.

Reports we received as to why last Season’s winners Team Luo Revolution never made for Season 9″s Competition was due to some engagement performance deal they were to show up for.
Congratulations Team Luo Galaxy for the big work