How to Access Facebook/Social media sites in Uganda freely as usual without using VPN or any apps

Here are the ways how you can Access Facebook/social media in Uganda freely as usual apart from using VPN or any apps

1-Using Proxies
An alternative (and sometimes cheaper) way to access blocked sites like Facebook in Uganda is a proxy. A proxy is a website that is based in a different location that allows you to access other websites through it.

Web-based proxies don’t require any installation and are just accessed through your normal browser. However, proxies will overload you with ads and are incredibly slow,

In short, proxies are an excellent short-term solution for accessing Facebook in Uganda.

When using phone number to login facebook or twitter,make sure you start with country code +256
Here are proxy sites where you can access any block site.

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2 Using Tor

Tor is a free anonymity network that uses onion routing to encrypt and bounce communications across a global network. This allows you to bypass firewalls or restrictions,. Ideal for those who want a cheap way to bypass the firewall, Tor does not require any programs to be installed and can be run off a USB drive. On the other hand, only the Tor browser will bypass the firewall, meaning that you cannot browse on Chrome or Safari, and it is not as secure as other alternatives.