I am ready to support Bosmic Otim for Kitgum municipality MP in 2021 Election–Former RDC Mwaka Lutukumoi

2011 Gulu municipality MP contestant and A former Lira RDC Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukomoi confess love and support for Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim in the coming 2021 general election.this come after Bosmic Otim shows of potential to face Beatrice Atim Anywaa in 2021 election for Kitgum municipality member of Parliament.

“Iam an ardent fan and supporter of H.E Bosmic Joyce Otim.
It was on a rainy July 2000: wet season in Gulu windy and dusty but with visible pain of children commuting to take refuge in Gulu town. Their blanket old polythyn papers. When it drizzles at night: they tremble in cold when met young Bosmic.
Many children would sleep by road sides; they were called night commuters. It was 2001: we had just finished volunteering as Ebola first responders. I sacrificed and that time we became close with Bosmic and Opoka Tony Blair. Opoka introduced to me Bosmic his best friend. It was that time that we moved on. Many leaders are hypocrites: they want attention but not me who would talk tough to my youth.
That day Bosmic sang his songs ‘ off head’. Tidi Panyako pee…I was impressed. I was in second year in Makerere university. Bosmic had some money. We put together the little resources, went to unity, now mega, they made the first music’s on air.
I mobilized Bosmic and many young men. We would sleep in one room I rented near holy rosary church in Gulu.
We I would use the little money I had made from doing hard labor to buy mats and with Tony, Bosmic, Denis and other young people I assembled, we would distribute mats to children sleeping by rich peoples corridors at night to sleep on.
I mobilized resources from Japan with my friend Naoko a.k.a Aber and friends in Gulu. Through my efforts we set up Teokono night commuters center and kept over 10.000 kids. Beginning of Baghdad in Gulu.
Its from here that we identified over 54 smart but needy and educated upto university. I have the video.
In 2006: me , Kidega Timothy, Timotin now UPDF, Odong CP and many young men including Bosmic started planning for my Parliamentary campaign.
I was hardly 24 fresh from campus. Bosmic suggested he can do for me campaign music. At that time no one would think of music. We ate together, laughed together and cried together.
He hid for two days and came up with ” Lacunga dwarf. Emma Wa Mwaka wa” that priceless song! This is why when I advice Bosmic I know, from my heart.
In the 2006 election we lost by just 2%, the music made me. He knew me. He knew what I was doing at night: I would walk with them: he knew what I was doing for the needy. Coming with a song did not require writing down.
I heard he wants to run for parliament in kitgum. I would advise him to first galvanize force: but no one can stop an idea whose time has come. Like Hugo Victor said.
I am not running for any local government position; may be national leadership in future. But I am an ardent supporter and fan of Bosmic Otim. I can kill a fly for Bosmic.
Mwaka Lutukumoi