I am still emotionally attached to my Ex girlfriend Quincy–Dj Papuzz confessed

DJ Papuzz misses ex
True love hits hard
Northern Uganda’s socialite and wheel spinner, Martjne better known as DJ Papuzz says he has a soft spot for his erstwhile girlfriend.
DJ Fresh revealed this in an interview that he was missing ex-girlfriend Quincy with whom he parted ways months ago after dating for 18 months becoming a power couple in entertainment circles.
In an interview, DJ Papuzz said he had tried moving on with his life but he was still emotionally attached to Quincy.
“I always hear people saying true love hits hard but I am now seeing the statement as true.
“Most people know that Quincy and I parted ways months ago and in those periods a lot has happened between the two of us but to tell you the truth I am still emotionally attached to her.
“Each time I go to places where we have gone together I always find myself thinking about what we used to do.
“I even had to sell my Chrysler because it would always bring me memories of her.
“I even avoid playing some love songs at functions because I end up in a bad mood missing her.
“I think this attachment is mainly because she was my true love and I am hoping one day I will find peace,” he said.