I can’t fight that fool Alexander Okidi for a mere woman–Pine Avenue5 manager Steve.

It’s seems the fight between Pine Avenue 5 Ditch Ab Steve and Radio Rupiny presenter Alexander Okidi is not ending soon,Y’all know few days back we brought you news about their fight after a source been claiming the two might have been fighting for a woman.

Finally Pine Avenue 5 manager Ab Steve came out to dismissed the claims,the manager clarified that the tensions between them was not about the said issue,he added that he can’t fight for a woman with presenter Alexander Okidi.

“I can’t fight that fool for woman.”… Said Ab Steve.

Even though he never clarified the reason for their fight,we were told told that what trigger the issues between the two was after Alexander Okidi slammed a pine Avenue5 Rapper Tooby Smolz claiming the Rapper doesn’t woth crowning to be ‘Northern Rapper of year’. All these after Tooby won Northern Rapper of the year in the recent concluded UG Hip hop awards.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!see screen shot below