I Didn’t ReleaseThe Song Gulu Part 2 Simply Because I Was Not Paid-Feffe Bussi Claims

Feffe Bussi the smallest rapper real name Mukiiza Frank has finaly spoken out on the reason why he didn’ release the part 2 of the Emboozi ye Gulu as he promised to do so earlier. In the part 1 of the song Feffe was trying to narrate to the fans of Bobi Wine exactly why many musicians are flocking Gulu city to meet the coordinator of the operation wealth creation General Salim Saleh so that they get covid 19 reliefs since the music and entertainment industry which is  their only  way of making money is still locked up to now  due to the lockdown

The smallest Rapper also claimed he personally talked to Salim Saleh in a closed door meeting something he even told Bobi Wine what he discussed with the General. Concerning the release of the audio of Gulu part 2 he said that he declined to release the song simply because he was never paid for it.