I Don’t know any Artiste called Prince Yubu–Blamo manager king Deno claims.

Nyinga Blamo magener An Aye King Deno Pius best known Manager Dope Boy claimed to be sick of pretending.from his Analysis,DopeBoy claims he never eared of any Artiste called Prince Yubu.

This came after one of the Northern Uganda Entertainment web portal Luotunes published an article with the heading “Am a big brand in Northern Uganda –Said Prince yubu.”according to the article into details,Yubu marked himself among the top 20 Northern Uganda.After a few hours of the published,Blamo manager DopeBoy came and Denied prince Yubu Marked siding that Yubu is not amongst the biggest brand in the region.

“I have never eared of Any artist called Prince Yubu,Never eared of him, I don’t think so he is among the biggest artiste in the region”….Said Manager DopeBoy

Check the screen shot below.