I Never thought this song will be Big like this—Labert Dickson

Secular musician turned Gospel artist Lebert Dickson did justice to his song ‘Atye Agonya’.It is by far one of the most played song right now in Gulu town and the entire region of Northern Uganda.Atye Agonya was put in a playful manner,even though it tends to bash a certain set of people who try to ‘wanna bees’.Even at that, thousands are still jamming it.it has now become the street anthem as it doesn’t seem to be going off anyone lip any time soon.

Labert Dickson in an encounter with Northern Buzz,the singer said he is surprised about the song and he never expected the song to be big how it is right now.

“I just releases the song ‘Atye Agonya’ without even promoting it,I never thought the song will be big like this,I thanks God it”… Labert Dickson

Download the Atye Agonya song by Labert Dickson below.

Download:Atye Agonya by Labert Dickson|Mp3 Audio|