I think lack of sleep is the main thing that’s stopping Liama from having her firstborn—He added

She’s one of the most sought-after star in the northern Uganda entertainment scene, but songbird Liama, is known for more than her singing chops these days.
The 26-year-old is widely perceived as being a caring wife, to husband BadMan Solo.
Well, she not a big fan of the baby poop; but I think the sleep is the one that gets her the most, just not getting enough rest. I think it’s her career schedules is behind that fact, I think that period is just [shakes head and mimics explosion]. said Olara, one of her fans.
“I think lack of sleep is the main thing that’s stopping her from having firstborn.
Just those two years, where you can’t function properly as a human being is a major deterrent. You know when people say you get used to not having enough sleep? Nope, that’s a lie. You never get used to it.
“I mean having children is worth it but it’s not easy. The thing I love about being a though is experiencing things for the first time again. When your child first smells a flower, or touches rain, you get to do that again too.” a fan lamented.

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