I will not change my skin color or bleach –Singer Tiana speak out after being hits by many for having much dark skin.

Acholi self proclaim Goddess Singer Tiana also known as the new powerful vocalist breaks silent about her dark skin color.

While premiering her new song ‘Ber ber’ on Surtaday 17th October at Pacis fm Gulu, Tiana was asked what challenge she’s facing since she joins the music game.The ‘ber ber’ singer replied she is facing a lot of challenges such as promotion because most of the radio presenters are playing the songs for the artists who are already fully known and they are not giving much air plays to the new artists/upcoming artists like them.she also added that she has been hits by many over her much dark skin since she joined music industry.

“Am facing challenges such as promotion because we the new artists are not given much air plays like you guys give to the established artists yet we also have good music contents and am been hits by many over the dark skin I have, said to me many times that ‘Lawee ma Nyako ango ma col calo Diwoni’ Acholi words translated in English as ‘How can a female singer be dark like this’ , sometime it trigger my emotion but I Tiana will not change my skin color or bleach I will continue doing music how I am.”… Said Singer Tiana

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