I’m not at war with Museveni. I’m at war with oppression and wrongness — Bobi Wine

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine while speaking at Uganda museum on Tuesday has stated that his struggle is not about President Museveni but the oppression and wrongness in public.

“I am not at war with President Museveni. I am only at war with the oppression and wrongness that is happening.” He explained. “It can only get better if we stand up against the wrongs”, he stated.

He stated that he is aware of the risks he faces in the path of activism.

“It is much important to die for an idea that will live other than living for an idea that will die,” he stated. “I know that the position I decided to take is not safe, not for me or my family, but I believe its right.”

“I am trying to use the little time when I am free and alive to multiply myself as many times as possible; sowing a seed of freedom in as many people as possible so that even when I am killed that will only create a thousand Bobi Wines.” He added.

He made the remarks while speaking at an arts and activism symposium held at the Uganda Museum on Tuesday.