Interview:Meet City Boy,One of the performers at Tempra Omona Easter Concert

Meet City Boy,one of the performers at Tempra Omona Easter Concert,Our correspondent Oringa Samuel Madilu interacted with him.

Northern Buzz: Could you please tell us your real name?
City Boy: My name is Oryema Charles.

Northern Buzz: How did you aquired that name City Boy?
City Boy: I got the name from a certain book, i used to read that book so i choosed that name from the book.
Northern Buzz: Can you tell us about yourself?
City Boy: I was born from Lumoi on 9/September/ 1984 to Mr. Ocheng Joseph and Mrs. Acan Rose.
Northern Buzz: Your educational background?
City Boy: I started my primary level from Lumoi Primary school and i finished my primary level from there and then joined Kitgum High School for my secondary level.
Northern Buzz: What made you to joined the music industry?
City Boy: Local dances like lukeme and adungu within my neibourhood inspired me to join the music industry and as well, my uncle was part of the music team, so i took interest from him then i decided to be a musician.
Northern Buzz: Who writes for you your songs?
City Boy: I do it myself.
Northern Buzz: How many albums do you have?
City Boy: Mmmm, i think i have like five albums.
Northern Buzz: Among st all your songs, which one is your favorites?
City Boy: Kwany tong and Tan 2.

Northern Buzz: Are you getting supports from any one?
City Boy: No, am just on my own.
Northern Buzz: How do you call the type of music you sings?
City Boy: It’s called Traditional dancehall.
Northern Buzz: Do you have anythings on the pipe line?
City Boy: Yes, i’m working on an album which will be out within two weeks.
Northern Buzz: You said you are now over a decade in the industry, what are your achievements now?
City Boy: I got chances to link up with many people around the world like Australia, United Kingdom and America and now i owned a audio studio, i collaborated with big artist Otim Bosmick and i took audio producer of the year 2014 Northern Uganda Award.
Northern Buzz: What challenges are you facing in the music industry?
City Boy: I don’t have a managing promoter and as well, i am both a producer and an artist hence, difficult for me to promote my music.
Northern Buzz: We have seen you among the artists to perform at Tempra Omona Easter Concert, what should your funs expects from you on that day?
City Boy: Alot of people are moving around and just waiting for that day to come and you know in Kitgum here, Tempra Omona has huge funs so expect it to be the biggest concert of this Easter Festive this year.
Northern Buzz: Thank alot for letting in your time and for the positive interaction with me.
City Boy: You are highly welcome.