Interview:Meet Eddy wizzy of Aol fame

Meet Eddy Wizzy,one of the racing uganda musician heilling from the Northern part of the country,Our correspondent,Bazil Okello caught up with him

Question:Eddy wizzy,thank for granting us this opportunity to talk to you,can you please tell us your real names?
Eddy wizzy:My real names are Okuni Edward.
Question:From where did you get your name Eddy wizzy?
Eddy wizzy:ofcourse Edward is Eddy in short and then Wizzy i got it from school when i was in primary five,and then I decided to joined them together and called my self Eddy Wizzy.
Question:Can you briefly tell us about your educational background?
Eddy Wizzy:Me I stop in s6,becuase I had some problem with the school fees,so I just decided to join music,I realy want to do music ever since,so i gave up on education and I started doing music and every thing is going good.I started my primary leval from Kitgum public,O level comprencsive and A level I join entebbe parent.
Question:How did you realised that you can make it in music?
Eddy Wizzy:Ofcourse when you can do some thing you can fill it,understand?I have not just started music yesterday or the other year you start hearing my name,I started long time ago,Although I was too young to go to da studio, because by then i don’t have money,Iused to just sing,So i used to go to my mum and ask her I know how to sing and give her some Accapella
Question:Out of your entire songs,which one do you love most?
Eddy Wizzy:I love all of them.
Question:Have you hard any support from any one in setting up as a musician?
Eddy Wizzy:I started alone,drop through alone but now I started getting support,there people there who now they realised my talent and they are now surppoting me,because they now know that i can do some thing good.
Question:Can you tell us some thing about Acholi empire?
Eddy Wizzy:Acholi empire is a big record label,not just me alone,we have driller,two ladies that is fifi and milly,we have two guys in US that’s Od Bonny and OJ kayongo,So we just work together as a team.
Question:Are you single?
Eddy Wizzy:Me?Am not single and am not yet married.
Question:Any project are you working on?
Eddy Wizzy:I have a lot,I have just released a new gospel song.Am not rushing,I have alot in studioz not only one studio then i will start releasing them one by one.I first want to bring the video for the gospel then I bring another Audio out.
Question:Which Northern UG artise do you like?
Eddy Wizzy:I respect the legends like the late lumix,Bosmick otim and Allan smokie.
Question:Where do you see your self in four years from now?
Eddy wizzy:I will be very far from who i am because if I try to look back,am really gone very far,thing are not the same,because the way I started it wasn’t easy but now i can see the change.I have a show in London next month after London am going to Australia for show,that’s not some thing small you know?
Question:Whats problem are you facing in the industry?
Eddy Wizzy:Promoter man,promoter man,They want money man,without radio presenters and Djs your fans won’t know that you have some thing new,they have to play and fans will listen and they will know you have a new song.But for me now is not some thing very big,I know now our to work with them.
Question:Which ugandan artise would you like to do a collabo with?
Eddy wizzy:cheameleon,radio and weasle,Bobi wine and Cindy.
Question:What Achievements do you acquired in the Music industry?
Eddy Wizzy:Man,when I started music i was still sleeping in my mum kitchen,but now am renting for my self,I bought a plot,I have my own car,
Question:Do you take any thing before going to stage?
Eddy wizzy:No no no,May be i take some small licka not too much because i don’t even get drunk,some time when you get drunk,you embarras your ok natural.
Question:Any last words for your fans?
Eddy Wizzy:They should keep supporting me, I won’t disappoint them.