Interview:Meet Ever young,One of the performers slated for Tempra Omona Easter Concerts

Ever young is one of versatile musicians from Acholi sub region Northern Uganda.He has very matured way of producing his music which crosses many genres.Oringa Samuel Madilo caught up with him.

Northern Buzz: Ever Young, what’s your real name?
Ever Young: My real name is Ajulu Johnson.
Northern Buzz: How did your name ”Ever Young” comes about?
Ever Young: Basically the name came from my family background since i was the last born from the family and my mom would just call me ”Ever” whenever she need my attentions.
Northern Buzz: What were your dreams as a child?
Ever Young: All my life as a child i had dreamt to be a musician and when i was just 4 years old, i was seeing things going musically in my life.
Northern Buzz: How did you begin your music career?
Ever Young: It was in 2010 when i was writing some songs and i saw that everything i was doing were really good. This made me to take a move and i decided to release a hit so as i can see people’s reactions towards it and hence, i did the song ”Anyaka inguru angura” and it was my first song which i did it greatly from then up to today.

Northern Buzz: What lets you to become an entertainer?
Ever Young: It was from my grand Pap who was also an entertainer and was as well teaching peoples cultural musics in school and he was pushing the same spirit into me and thus everything worked out for me without any much difficulties.
Northern Buzz: Alrigth Ever Young, do you take something before getting to the stage?
Ever Young: Hooo no, i go just plain and some times not even taking tea.
Northern Buzz: What has been your greatest achivements in your music career?
Ever Young: It was when i was i was booked to perform in Central Africa Republic i was shocked and asked myself hoo, where have i reached now? and i saw people coming with temporary travel documents and i was very happy indeed.
Northern Buzz: So Ever Young, which one among st your songs is the best?
Ever Young: It’s very hard to answer that because for me to put something out, i totally know this is going to work and it become very complicated to choose which one is the best.
Northern Buzz: Have you got supports from any one?
Ever Young: Since i started up to last year, i had been doing it single hand but am now seeing many company’s coming in around five, such as from Norway, Western Uganda and Kampala here.
Northern Buzz: What advice do you have for some one planning to join the music industry?
Ever Young: The first thing, somebody should not go and hurrying and rushing after releasing one song and start being proud, secondly if you do not have enough money don’t try or go to the rigth producer and let them know the kind of music your are doing so as to direct you accordingly because they know what will make it out.
Northern Buzz: Do you have anything in the pipe line?
Ever Young: Of cause there are many things in the flow line, i have songs titled ”Kun i ngeo” , ”Bin i gena”, and ”Manining” which are now out.
Northern Buzz: OK Ever Young, i have your name amongst the artists to performs at Tempra Omona’s concert both in Kitgum and Gulu this year. What should the funs expects this time?
Ever Young: In fact am just very happy that these guys are going to enjoy it massively and i promise my fire this time for the fun because it’s going to be marvelous.
Northern Buzz: So Ever Young, which Ugandan artist will you collaborate with and why, if you are given the chance to choose?
Ever Young: Ofcause Tempra Omona because of the respects he has toward young or old artists without under esteemating anyone.
Northern Buzz: What is your last word for the funs?
Ever Young: Am just very happy for them and remind them to appear and witness massive and powerful performances both in Kitgum and Gulu this Easter Festival.
Northern Buzz: Thank a lot Ever Young for letting us your time, may the Almighty take good care of you.