Iron hit men still following 2pee,they broke into his house and smashed his Car’s wind screen

It seemed iron hit men still following Ugandan Comedian/Singer 2 Pee,Recently Last November 2pee goga Survived death after he was attacked by unknown gangs men at his home in Gulu., yesterday night the same history was to repeat it self but luckily 2pee was away.when he came back he found the gang s broke into his house and smashed his car wind screen.

According to one of his fellow singer Lucky David,said may be the gangs men still following 2pee.
“Is about Tupee Goggaflow again .he was with me today in my house he told me that they broke in to his house thinking that he was in but luckily he wasn’t in .and they also stone his car. seam this people are still following him .”…..Lucky David
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