Is Polite Mosko New song ‘Obale ma pe yupe’the biggest song ever released in 2019?

Despite the fact that his ‘Amari’ song is still getting a massive airwaves plays at the moment,the 2019 consistent artist Polite Mosko is a no wait over guy,The singer in another new hot song ‘Obale ma pe yupe’ a song that could change his life financially forever.

According to the review by our team,The Obale ma pe yupe song could be one of the biggest song this 2019.the song talk about the life of the youths in our society and economy of the country this make it to be passive by every age categories.the song ‘Obale ma pe yupe’become a new hit in town only two days after it released.

The song was produced by Nerio badman at Empire record.Download it below,comments and share.

Download:Obale ma pe yupe by Polite Mosko|Mp3 Audio|