It is a promise from the President himself that my money will now be paid very soon–Bosmic Otim

Bosmic Otim die hard fans can now smile after president himself promise to pay the singer.

Below is an interview Jimmy Kwo conducted with Bosmic in Kitgum Town last week.

We understand you met President Museveni, when did you meet him and what was the purpose of your meeting?
I met President Museveni on December 30, 2019. There were three burning issues which prompted our meeting. First, I got an invite from the President to meet him so he hears directly from me about the non-payment for my song, Mzee wa kazi Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, which I composed [during the 2006 campaign]. All other singers were paid except me. So when I got the call I went to follow up on my sweat.
Second was that some wrong elements had started framing me.

You said one of the reasons for meeting President Museveni was to be paid for your 2006 campaign song, have you now been paid?
I am only waiting to receive [it]. This time it was the President who talked about my money. It is not a rumour [anymore]; it is a promise from the President that my money will now be paid very soon. Which I am very happy about.

How much are you expecting from President Museveni?
My money that should be paid is Shs300m.