Its now not only Laxzy movers,Kash Owakabi signs 18-years old Avie to STM.

Its now not only Laxzy movers,A new signing has been added to the STM family

Kash Owakabi has announced the signing of a new upcoming act,18-years old Avie to his STM management.

The STM boss made this known via several messages on his social media pages earlier on Friday, March 22, 2019.

In the shared post, Kash Owakabi wrote

“Ladies and Gentlemen.
Good morning, Its a Brand New Week. Allow me to take this Opportunity to introduce to yet another New n fresh Talent to join our Family. Here is @Avie Music
Signed to Swagg Team Nations officially.
Avie is that female voice you have been missing and am glad to let you know that soon n very soon, we will soon drop some Audios n Videos.
Please Support”….

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