Joe Emrold and Rosina Jackson reportedly reconciled,they are set to do a song together.

Platinum house founder and CEO Onyango Joe known as Joe Emrold and Akeyo na Crooner Rosina Jackson has finally ended their beef and bitter words between.

The fight between Joe and Jackson Rosina was fueled last month of January 2021 after Emrold branded Jackson hit song ‘Akeyo Na’ as song for the old people not for the New Generation and Radio presenters should also mind about it.

According to Joe by then,he said he was directing Rosina Jackson to go the forward way and catch up with the Modern sounds.

The good news is that the fight between the two Artists has finally ended and they had reconciled already according to the source.we also learned that Rosina Jackson and Joe Emrold met in one of the hang out in Gulu city and hagged themselves and they also discuss alot about their upcoming collabo.

We are yet to re contact Rosina Jackson management if the Collabo with Joe Emrold will be out in Early Much has they claims.
Northern Buzz keep you posted!