Jonan Mugabi said Tuni juice mean happiness but not what Northerners think and he also said is not afraid of bringing the brand to Gulu in August.

Jonan Mugabi a student of Kyambogo University breaks silent after realizing that his business name mean different thing in Acholi language and other tribes in Northern Uganda.Mugabi started the production of his tasty juice back in 2018 at servait Hostel in his second year in campus but by then the juice was called ‘ka toni’ which means small but later he registed the name as ‘Tuni juice’

“In high school we had a slogan ‘Ka toni’ which meant small and for us we being new in the industry we wanted people to simply taste our juice so we arrived at that name Tuni juice and change it.In the urban dictionary Tuni means a shower of happiness but it so happened that it means female genitals in Acholi but that will not cool us”.. said Mugabi

Mugabi further revealed that their premium package comes with a serving team, dispenser and a customized drink for clients who want Tuni juice on their event.He added that they are currently offering deliveries and service in Kampala and Mbarara and in Gulu they will start in Agust 2021.

Will Mugabi business going to survive in Gulu?

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