Joseph Kony turns 57, Happy birthday.

4th/Agust/1961 is the day LRA leader War Lord Joseph Kony was born.this make him to celebrate his 57 birthday.

Kony was born in 1961 4th August in Odek, a village east of Gulu in northern Uganda,[2][26] to farmers Luizi Kony and Nora Obol.[5]:page 215 He is a member of the Acholi people.[2][5]:page 121 Kony enjoyed a good relationship with his siblings, but was quick to retaliate in a dispute and when confronted he would often resort to physical violence.[27] His father was a lay catechist of the Catholic Church, and his mother was an Anglican. His older sister, Gabriela Lakot, still lives in Odek.[28]

Kony was an altar boy for church until 1976.[27] He also dropped out of school at the age of 15.[2]

Rebel leader Edit
In 1995, Kony came to prominence in Acholiland after the Holy Spirit Movement of Alice Auma (also known as Lakwena and to whom Kony is thought to be related).[2] The overthrow of Acholi President Tito Okello by Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Army (NRA) during the Ugandan Bush War (1981–1986) had culminated in mass looting of livestock, rapes, burning of homes, genocide, and murder by Museveni’s army.[29]

The atrocities committed by the Museveni’s NRA, now known as the Uganda People’s Defence Force, led to the creation of LRA of Joseph Kony. The insurgencies also gave rise to concentration camps in northern Uganda where over 2 million people lived. The government burned people’s properties using helicopter gunships killing many of them. There were forceful displacements in the northern region. However, international campaigns called for all camps to be dismantled, and for the people to return to their former villages. In 2006 in the course of the Juba peace talks with the LRA rebels, Museveni’s government gave permission for the local people to return to their villages. This marked the beginning of rehabilitation of homes, roads, and so on