Judas Rap knowledge Declared love to his fans,to give 300 of his T-shirts brand machandize free

They are like the ladders I climbed and gets higher and higher everytime.
They roar, they clap, they get entertained, they get the truth, and1 they provide vindication and redemption to the people on stage.

They imitate their fashion sense, they ink their bodies with images, and they create communities which go on to achieve the better good.

No wonder Judas Rapknowledge continue to thank their fans for their on-going love, devotion and support today.In an encounter with Buzz Madilu via phone call yesterday evening,judas said he will give over 300 T-shirts brand machandize free this late 2021.Rapknowledge also added he is already working on the machandize and it’s causing him 5,000,000UGX.

‘Am already working on the machandize I will be giving freely to fans this 2021, the badget for it is 5,000,000UGX.