Judas Rap knowledge Vs. Everybody: New Diss Song “Ki Pak Nying Judas” Is Out.

No one wants to be on Judas’s bad side. The rap mogul is a lyrical genius, especially when it comes to speaking his mind. Judas might be one of, if not the most, outspoken lyricists of all time.
Yesterday, another Judas feud rumor emerged, this time being Lango hip-hop artist Gunner, some one that Judas Rap knowledge has worked with in the past.
He when on to say , “I told Gunner that I heard the rumor was going on in Lira claiming himself the best thus was going to gear up to come after him.”
“That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that. And if he di I got something for him too.” Needless to say, said Rap Military Judas that that the whole thing was a joke.
So, while everyone was anticipating Judas’s and Gunner’s Mile-style battle, isn’t going to happen because Judas is much better.