Judas Rapknowledge hits with positive responses on his ‘African warrior’ music video.

Uganda self proclaims best Rapper Kilara known by his stage name Judas rapknowledge did another surprised for his fans around the African continent.

This time the track was totally different,not the usual old school style.the song that’s tagged with the name ‘African warrior’ worried alot by Judas rapknowledge management at the first place that the track might fail to get high rating in the market because of it traditional blend but it was a opposite as expected by the management.

Despite being traditional blend Judas rapknowledge get positive responses on the ‘African warrior’ song from alot of hip hop lovers including good numbers of fans from Kenya,serrie Leon, Cameron and South Sudan.

Below are the sections of some few responses.

The video was shot and edited by Otim Linas of Signature Film.
Watch it below share and comments.