Judas Rapknowledge is a villager who’s just pretending to be on top—West Africa Sierra Leon Top Rapper Kao Denaro.

It’s seems the fight between Ugandan Rapper Judas Rapknowledge and West Africa Sierra Leone Top Rapper Kao Denaro is not ending soon.

The fight that started in Early May/2020 after Kao Denaro Diss most East Africans Rappers including Kaligraph Jones escalated yesterday when Kao responded to Judas Rapknowledge track ‘David and Goliath fight’ with a song he tagged ‘the Village Boy’.

During studio rehasle of bringing his new track ‘The village Boy’,Kao Denaro who was ranks among top 10 Rapper in west African said Judas Rapknowledge is just a village Boy who is pretending to be on Top of Afica’s Rap game yet he is not even close to him.

‘Niggers this guy from Uganda is just a village Boy pretending to be on top of the game’..Said Kao Denaro watch the video below.

After coming a cross the video,Judas responded “Thank Sierra Leon Nigga for signing death contracts,let’s keep the industry busy”.. Judas Posted on his social media wall.