Judas Rapknowledge Jokes That His Only Son, Binen’ First Words were ‘Daddy Rap For Me’

Judas Rapknowledge’ son, Binen, may only be 4 years old, but that’s not stopping him from thinking about his father’s musical careers.
While speaking to our reporter last weekend, “Did It Again!,” Judas Rapknowledge teased that his infant son’s first words were “daddy rap for me.”
“He has a good sense of humor. That’s the milestone I like,” the beaming father said of Binen, whom he is rumored to be training rap music.
Judas Rapknowledge, went on to reveal that Binen was thrilled about his dad’s role as a rapper since he was in the womb.
“I played most of my songs to my wife when she was expecting him and id, and he just danced from the womb”,Judas recalled.
Although Binen is not the biggest fan of Judas Rapknowledge’ role as the pupil, it hasn’t stopped the tiny tot from distracting his dad during rehearsals.
“I’m rehearsing my number,as usual on the stage — jumping on these tables, with knives and things — and all I could hear was ‘Dada! Daddy! Dada! Dada!'” he said in an interview with northern buzz during an event.
“I said, ‘Dada’s gonna fall off the table if you don’t shut up, kid,'” Judas Rapknowledge jokingly added with a laugh.