Judaz to battle MC Wang Jok:

Judaz Rap knowledge and MC Wang Jok are two of the BIGGEST names in hip hop in Northern Uganda — but what would happen if the rappers put their skills to the test in an EPIC rap battle? www.northernbuzz.biz. has the EXCLUSIVE details as to why Judaz thinks MC Wang Jok would not win even if someone ‘wrote his rhymes.’
Judaz Rap knowledge and the “Luo synthesis” rapper MC Wang Jok, have certainly created a legacy for themselves with their unique styles and influential sounds. So when Da_Link Garden is going to address a possible rap battle between the two artists on May. 6th, it would send their fans into a frenzy as they argued about who would win.
One person who has no doubt who would win is Judaz himself. “Am the king of hip hip in G-Town” as he usually quotes himself would properly have a shot if MC Wang Jok the “An Aye” meaning “Am the one” really proved he is INDEED the king of Hip hop in Northern Uganda
Source close to Judaz tells
www.northernbuzz.biz. “He’s the king of hip hop” in the whole region got great delivery that for sure. But if they had to battle and come up with rhymes on the spot, it rap duel buzz started to begin with. “I told all the fake rappers that I am the General and they are all armatures, my little cadets whom am taking cares of in the music industry” said on in Judaz hit song “King of Payira”.
Meanwhile MC Wang Jok would just laughs it off. “That’s not true, ‘ An Aye’ meaning, “Am the King of hip hop.