Judaz Rap Knowledge dating a lady older than him

Judaz Rap Knowledge dating a lady older than him:

Judaz, the self proclaims “Rap Knowledge” seems to have made it off with dating age mates and cute young ladies.
Northern Uganda rapper Judaz who had been known much in bonding up with a lot of High school babes seems no longer continuing with such actions.
The rapper was spotted with enjoying themselves with a lady who looks much older than him by 5years.
Reasons as to why he has decided to do it that way are still unclear but rumours speculating around is that Judaz might be enjoying good splashes of cash from her old lady.
Most Northern Uganda’s musicians are well known for dating old ladies with excuses that they help promote their music’s financially.
If this is as well the case with Rapper Judaz, we wish him nice life with the money being injected on him from his old lady.