Kein music could be the next new big brands in the region..The Rule-Breaking Artist Shaking Up Northern’s Music Industry.

According to recently published reports, across January 2019,some predicted kein could be next new take over guy in 2019.yes 2018 was unarguably an amazing year for the North music industry. With the release of credible hit songs from Eddy Wizzy, polite mosko,Eezzy,laxzy movers, pine avenue 5, freeboy,Bosmic Otim,Profesa maros,Daugy fresh, Rakas topa,nuclear and others worthy of note, to shooting beautifully crafted videos, it was never a boring moment for the music scene.

As expected, in 2019, the eagle eye of music pundits, fans and lovers of good music would be on the lookout,Kein music expected to steal the show from A’list some artistes in 2019.

Not only his new release”Kec not nga” made the predictions. Kein already shaken the industry with recent hit songs like peki bi igi kede,in anga and other’s.but the new released ‘Kec bot nga could be another problem., the music industry knew that the young act is here to stay. Showtime believes he is one artiste to look out for in 2019..

Check out his latest released kec bot nga below. download and shares.

Download:kec bot nga by Kein music|Mp3 Audio|