Rapper Khalca: New Kid On The Block With Dreams, Talent & Focus

Vibrant rapper, singer-songwriter, composer and violinist, Khalca recently releases his first adorable progressive soft melody hip-hop track titled “Tii Matek” a product of Pro Samuel of Marks Record.
The audio “Tii Matek” is a new sound in African hip-hop music and comprises a blend of foreign culture and soft melody Luo rap lines recordings with digital elements. The music itself is a carefully blended pot of compositions that take from the various genres and experiences he has been through.
According to the Gulu Municipality-born artiste, the title of the audio “Tii Matek” reflects the general concept or theme of the song.
“This is my first ever professional hip-hop tune where i put my sweat and blood into everything,” he said.
Khalca said before that he had ecorded and recorded some other audios before but were for his preparation for a firm anchore in the rap music game.
The audio “Tii Matek” partially distributed received radio airplay on Radio Choice FM, and trending music centres in town but it is incredible going viral even outside town.
“Audiences can expect more of Khalca in a short while. That’s more professionalism, more beautiful, exciting, high quality music, more creativity and definitely more exciting, and jaw-dropping performances,” he said.
Khalca said he was fully committed and focused on building his career now, so everything had to be at the highest quality possible.

“I love being on stage and connecting with the audience. My Talent was first discovered by my single mother and my music model late Rapper 2 Pac when i was in Primary school and these two are the water that fed the seed which then grew into the ‘tree’ you are now becoming to know as “Khalca” so I owe them everything,” Khalca added.
He has been singing since he was a child, but started kin studying and following of music at his teenage years when he was rapping late 2 Pac’s lines in his secondary school times and playing violin in the school’s orchestra.
Khalca said he believed that the local music scene was filled with a lot of talent, but local artistes needed more support from the public and protection against piracy.
“If they can see the return on investment for their hard work then the quality of music will definitely rise because they will be able to buy better equipment and do a lot more,” Khalca said.
He felt blessed, Khalca said, to have a wonderful “Tii Matek” audio that he could rely on and a very focused, ambitious and professional producer. He added that they were one family and that meant everything in this business.
The first song “Tii Matek” which he originally recorded is one of kind in Northern Uganda’s rap musics.
Apart from that, there are lots more tunes to flow in shortly.
When asked whether he’s working with any known artists,
“I like collaborations, but I don’t encourage doing a lot of them because I am building my career and brand at the moment, so I only collaborate when the song being recorded, whether its mine or not, makes musical sense and benefits both artistes musically,” he said.
He added that, however, in future, he would love to collaborate with artistes who have made it both regional, national and international because he is a big fan of super stars’ musics and how they work hard on their musical careers.
“Tii Matek” was produced by professional producer Samuel-25 and himself. They sketched out the ideas and then decided on different melodie to record the different parts at the studio.
They then took the raw files and added all the digital elements and did all the vocals inhouse. The audio was then mastered at Marks masters studio.
“In the next five years, I want to have at least three more albums under my belt. I want to see my music cross borders and be touring all over Uganda, perhaps internationally too if the music is well received and appreciated,” he said.
Khalca said he also wanted to help disadvantaged children like the disableds, orphans and mostly the suffering street kids as his career grows.