Video:Kiddy face signed new Artist Prince Banken under his new established Label,To pay him only 700,000Ugx monthly salary.

Gospel turns Musician Kiddy face George in another long runs to nature new talents and providing them platform to establish themselves to masses.

This is good news for the region as Kiddy face lunches new record label named ‘Hert of Gold’ to nature new talents.

In an interview with Gulu 8 TV, Kiddy face confirmed the signing of a new Artist known as Prince Banken to his new established record label ‘Hert of Gold’

Kiddy face said the reason why he signed Prince Banken to the Label because he believes Prince he is one of a rare talent he knows that can take the industry too to the next level.

Reports also confirmed that on the day of signing contracts with Banken, Kiddy accepts to pay Banken only 700,000Ugx as a monthly salary under the label.

Watch full video below Kiddy face confirming the payments and signing of Prince below.