Kodi oting lok singer Destiny Has Reportedly Dumped Her millionaire hubby Great Steve.

You know when you’re in a relationship and after some years everything’s going smoothly and then BOOM, out of nowhere you get dumped. It hits you like a freight train and you’re left wondering what happened or what you did wrong to cause such a sudden split.

Well, Singer Destined Destiny might be able to help you understand.

Despite the fact that the singer just releases the new jamz titled ‘Money’ The ‘Kodi oting lok’ star has reportedly split with her millionaire hubby and a businessman,Great steve. They’d been in a relationship for some few years and according to MediaTakeOut, it’s for a pretty blunt reason.

A friend has told the site: “It was a good relationship, but now it’s seem like its over. Of course Steve broke her heart. That’s what he does: break[s] the singer hearts. Destiny just got tired of him.”

The singer claims that Great Steve is not yet stable.

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