Lango Entertainment Awards releases 30 categories for 2018

Lango Entertainment Award (LEA) is annual event that aims at appreciating and empowering different spheres of entertainment across Lango sub-region and beyond.Monday 6th August LEA launched the 3rd Edition of their brand. That means their programs for 2018 officially starts today 7th August.
LEA17 was held on Saturday, 23rd December, 2017 at Pacific Grand Hotel-Lira. It was attended by multitudes of revelers.
Special appreciations
We would like to; in a very special way thank the following people who helped us a lot during LEA17, they are;
Langi Onote 2016 who facilitated and rewarded Cultural Groups
Universal Interlink Company Limited
Deno Hire & catering services
Radio stations in Lango ( Unity, Qfm, VOL fm, Rhino fm, Radio Lira fm)
Ambrosoli Wonders Ltd
Glamours Multimedia Co. Ltd
Government security agencies
Challenges encountered during LEA17
Halt in SMS voting for some telecom networks eg. MTN by DMARK Mobile; our service provider for LEA17
No major corporate companies were able to sponsor the event that made it hard for all our programs to move as planned.
Our artists are now recognized globally; for instance A’shaan who has been signed by Talent Africa.
We are in partnership with several internationally known firms such as NNF ( NyinoMugisha Niyabo Foundation). NNF has picked Brazen Rule and is apparently working with him on a number of projects.
Through LEA, nominations and competition in internationally recognized Awards has been made possible. Several Artistes from Lango were nominated by HiPipo Music Awards last year eg. Beepee, Profesa Maros, Gen. Ice.
Discipline of Entertainers has greatly improved through LEA.
Promotion of our local contents has been made easier through LEA. We managed to promote unity with our neighboring sub-regions by recognizing and rewarding them during LEA17.
We have re-awakened the traditional folk dances and songs by enabling them participate and be rewarded during LEA17.
The entertainment industry has been transformed through promotion of healthy competition among different stakeholders in the field of entertainment.
Lango Entertainment Award is back again this year. This will be the 3rd Edition.
Theme: “Realizing our Identity”
There is need to have a particular type of song is identifiable to Lango; an equivalent of Lakubukubu for Acholi, Kadongo kamu for Buganda and many others. Songs that whenever they are played anywhere, one can easily identify that it’s a song from Lango
For any song to be nominated, it must have been released within a calendar year (August 2017 – August 2018)
All songs that competed in LEA17 are not eligible for competition in LEA18
Creativity and innovations will be highly considered
Contents that depict “our identity” will be highly considered.
Nominees for News Anchor should be able to present to the panel of judges atleast two of their best recordings.
Winners per category will be determined by; Facebook voting, SMS voting and vetting by the panel of judges for categories of News Anchors and radio programs.
Key features of LEA17
Introduction of traditional folk group and separating it from best cultural artist category.
Introduction of another special recognition category – Teso sub-region. We are also adding Song of the year category to the Special recognition (That means Special Recognition will have Artist of the year and Song of the year).
We have also brought in the category of Sports Personality of the Year to appreciate various
Artist of the year
Song of the year
Male Artist of the year
Female Artist of the year
Afrobeat Artist of the year
Gospel Artist of the year
HipHop Artist of the year
RnB Artist of the year
Best Reggae Artist of the year
Breakthrough Artist of the year
Best Collabo of the year
Best cultural Artist of the year
Best traditional Folk Group of the year
Dancehall Artist of the year
Best Audio Producer of the year
Best DJ of the year
Best Mc of the Year
Sports personality of the year
Radio personality of the year
Radio Program of the year
Best News Anchor (English)
Best News Anchor (Luo)
Best Night Spot of the Year
Artist of the year –WestNile
Song of the year – WestNile
Artist of the year- Acholi
Song of the year – Acholi
Artist of the year- Teso
Song of the year – Teso
Legendary Award (To recognize those with enormous contributions to the Entertainment Industry in Lango sub-region)

1 Launch 6.8.2018
2 Picking, filling & returning of Nomination forms 7th August 2018- 7th September,2018
3 Vetting process for the submitted nomination forms 15th September 2018- 22nd September 2018
4 Announcement of Nominees (Diner) 29th September, 2018
5 Online voting (Facebook) starts 1st October, 2018- 2nd November,2018
6 SMS voting 3rd November, 2018 – 19th December, 2018
7 Award Gala (Ceremony) 22nd December, 2018

We highly appeal to different companies, both national and local; to come and team up with us to help encourage, motivate and support the entertainment industry in Lango sub-region.

Thank you all for attending this press conference.
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