Lil Roy Beliefs He Would Be The Biggest Artist In Northern Uganda By 2020

When Northern Buzz reporter encountered with the “Best Friend” singer earlier this year, Lil Roy mentioned something which sighted out some dangers and fears whether indeed the music icon have positive things moving his way.
As we reported earlier on this year, Lil Roy’s statements of “committing suicide in case he fail to gain success in his musical career by the year 2020 had again altered to becoming the biggest artist in northern Uganda by 2020.
No wonders Lil Roy still have something big in mind for the year 2020, unlike committing suicide, the “Aballe” singer has once again unveiled his plan for the long awaited “2020” as his musical slogan is, Lil Roy beliefs he will be the biggest artist in Northern Uganda by 2020.
Though his tunes had faded from the current industry, Lil Roy is still doing music and is uasually spotted in local hang outs performing both his former hit songs and new ones which had fail to catch fire in the music industry.
Lil Roy’s slogan “2020” still makes his funs to stay in prayer to God to provides them more life so as to witness what Lil Roy has in plan for them.
We as well pray for that time to come.