Lishaa Akello gained popularity and her song challenge ‘I love you’ flood Tik tok after Bosmic otim hype her.

The 16years old powerful vocalist Akello Lishaa known as Lishaa Akello might be on her music career milestone already in just a month of starting her musical game.

Lishaa who describe her self as ‘A local girl who is trying to understand the digital world’ emerged when she did Eddy Wizzy cover song Torrero, she was later credit by Eddy Wizzy as a girl with a bright Future.

Few days ago Tik tokers jumped on Lishaa new song ‘I LOVE YOU’ to challenge her on her powerful vocal….This all came after Legendary singer Bosmic otim hype her.

Bosmic otim describe Young vocalist Lishaa Akello as a kid with a great talent that’s need to be supported from all Conners.
“A girl like Lishaa Akello with Great talent like this need to supported”.. Said Bosmic.

Back to her latest song released I Love you’here some few challenge video from Tik tok.