Log Out Management CEO, Denomarz LogOut Hails Samuel’z Pro As Best Northern Uganda’s Music Producer

Samuel’z Pro is a Kira-Award nominated Winning Audio Engineer who has mixed, recorded and published over 200 songs in the last 7 years. He possesses extensive technical knowledge in Analog Recording, Audio Engineering, DAW, Digital Audio, Mix Online, Mixing, Multi-track Recording, Pro Tools, Recording, Recording Studio, Sound Engineer and Vocal TuningBorn and raised in Venice, Uganda, Samuelz Pro now resides in Gulu and has worked with artists like , Nascor Musicals, Kiddy Face, Nyinga Blamo , Liama Irene, etc.
He is also a pianist at a Born again church in Gulu Town.
His recent exclusive craftwork on Nascor’s audio “Lok Lobo” greatly triggered Log Out Management CEO, Denomarz LogOut let his joy out praising him as the best audio producer who can sell Northern Uganda’s music world wide.
When responding to our reporter in how he feels about the newly released audio “Lok Lobo”,
“So far, Producer Samuelz is the best Urban producer to sell norther Uganda Artist to the central Uganda, Africa and the whole world,, despite being a pianist,, he is a good instrumentalist too, his amazing instrument have got many artist attracted to Marks Studios for international melodies,Regardless of him speaking a Bantu language, Samz ziii has always tried to put in all effort to produce quality melodies in the language the is still a foreigner to (Luo),it is examplary to all producer in such a way that ,not all time should do productions that ends only to the northerners, I mean, the instrumentals should be classical,not just heart beats drums,that’s why our music can’t sell to the outside world coz we tend to do things for the hometown ,forgetting that we can also make it out there.,,,,,we have good vocal Artist ,and their messages can be heard by the outsiders too,,but they need sweet tunes and instrumentals, Big ups to Samuel’z zii Pro, for the work well done, continue with the hustle”,
Denomarz LogOut tweeted on his wall.