Mc Dogo to co host 5th Prestigious hipipo award ceremony

“Full Frontal” Mc Dogo Destiny plans for hipipo award ceremony.

The former “stta complainer” Mc Dogo Destiny announced tuesday via Social Media that he will be co hosting 5th prestigious hipipo award ceremony that will take place at Serena Hotel on Saturday along side Douglass Lwanga .

” I WANNA appreciate northern uganda for the love n support however there are always those trying to pull u down but to me I say your are too late God is doing his part d humiliation we got in d # stta is now here proved by Hi-pipo & come rain come shine i will never compete but work hard to b better than I am n never to let those who support me down as humans emotionally we v d biggest mistakes n can’t b blamed of its control for I say sorry to anybody who might have felt bad in my online emotional reaction pliz just forgive me for I ain’t that perfect thanks to my brother
# Bee_Pee & will never forget # Easy_bash u taught me respect discipline & guideline in this game I hope v never gotten u down # universal_inter
link_company & my manager Cole Junior Jones Ayo God bless all my fans I realm love u amillion times team
# mc_dogo_destiny”……Mc Dogo