Meek Mill Joins Cardi B Plans To Move To Africa, “I’m building A Mansion”

Meek Mill is stacking up his paper to purchase a new mansion in Africa.

Looks like Cardi B isn’t the only rapper considering relocating to Africa. Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill shared with fans early this morning that he too is down with the plan to leave the U.S.… or so we think. Meek, who is known for expressing his big dreams on social media and in recent interviews, hasn’t been shy about his aspiration to obtain more wealth and follow in the footsteps of his mentors/ friends JAY-Z and Diddy. The rapper has also been an outspoken advocate for prison reform, and on many occasions has taken his grievances about the nation’s criminal justice system directly to lawmakers.

So Meek’s morning tweet came as no surprise.

In an early-morning tweet, the “Dreams & Nightmare” artist said, “I’m up thinking about some new dreams…I made my mind up I’m copping a mansion in Africa when I run it up!!!” Fans can only speculate if Meek’s reasoning is the same as Cardi’s– he did just recently send a supportive message thanking the troops. And the timing of his tweet comes shortly following the New York rappers public shaming of President Donald Trump’s decision to kill Iranian general Qasem Soleiman.