Meet Ambitious Mari,the talented girl Hosting Celeb Login/logic program on Gulu 8 TV.

When we interview James Omegio one of the guy from Gulu 8 Tv recently,said they are going live at the end of this 2020 and they are starting the process soon,we thought he was just jocking.A week ago,Gulu 8 tv unveiled their first programme called celeb login /Celeb logic hosts by one talented girl called ‘Ambitious Mari’

After Oj Maxwell appeared in an interview with Ambitious Mari in celeb login programs,A lot of question as been asked ‘Who is Ambitious Mari’.anyway we are here to answer you.

Ambitious Mari LA favourite real name Akena William Marion born in 2020.

Ambitious Mari who is well influence in English with an undetectable accent is hosting a weekend evening 40 minutes show called ‘Celeb login/celeb logic.

Watch her recent show celeb login/logic with singer pretty B below.Gulu is a Gulu based tv to be stream on popular Yo Apps Uganda and their Youtube channel.