More than a music business,Badman Solo bonking Liama himself

If you’ve ever been wondering who’s chopping Singer Irene Liama down then you should know that Badman Solo him self taking that responsible.

Reports we gathered is that; “Promoter Badman Solo and Liama Irene are not only in the music Business but they are also planning to be some one parents.

The secret was first exposed by Liama friend’s Giramiya Trina last two weeks ago.

“Happy birthday to THE BABY IN THE MIDDLE Called Badman Solo. His the best promoter and a good husband to my sister Liama………😙😙 but please hurry and bring cows at home😅 #solomonmind#abadmanmanagment#acholiempire#abadmanmanagment. “….Trina posted.