“Am Musically Talented Than Liama Irene & The Rest” Claimed Aol the “Cwara Mara” singer.

Cwara Mara songbird has unleashed yet another fresh beef with fellow northern Uganda’s female singers calling them fake.
Aol revealed this to our reporter that “The Northern UG female songbirds are musically lamed & am the definite doctor to dangerously cure their musical falseness, this is what am thinking. Get that space, give it to Liama & the rest and we call it a “Who is who day”.
Just recently releasing her “Cwara Mara” single, this girl is out proving setup divas and she is determined to crash them musically.
All showbiz promoters got the task to show us who is who in this game.
Aol or Liama Irene & the rests.