My Dad is the Best Rapper in the World–Judas Rapknowledge son Binen Jinno bragged.

May be is good to believe in whom you know in person to be as the best in whatever you feel like they are.

We are not judging his perception,he is right to believe.

Judas Rapknowledgeo son Binen Jinno believes that no one can do it better than his Dad in this planet Earth when it’s come to Rap game,According to Binen Judas is better than Nasty C,Nas,Kaligraph,Rick Ross,Nicky Minaj and other known Rappers in the World.

In a Facebook post,Binen Jinno 8 years old who is set to release his first EP/Album in August consisting of 6 songs bragg that his Dad Judas Rapknowledge is the best Rapper in the World.

“My Dad is the best Rapper in the World” .. Said Binen Jinno.

Screen shot below.

Is he right to say so?