Nascor Musicals’s Biography

You could have been wondering who could be this massive singer Nascor Musicals , don’t worry because today we bring you his full biography.

Nascor Musicals, birth names Ochan Collins Jalfer is one big breakthrough artist in Northern Uganda’s Music Industry.
He’s a talented RNB singer and capable of doing any music genre.
Born in November 10th 1993 to Mother Atim Christine.
Nascor Musicals dropout of school after his Senior Six studies due to lack of school fees hence forcing him to begin hustling for his feature.
Currently basing in Laroo-division Gulu, Nascor Musicals
Started his music career way back as a backup artist in a studio called Canaan records Entebbe under producer Philips direction.
He however decided to make it bigger in the industry this year by recording his own audios which indeed led to his up rose in the whole of Northern Uganda’s Music Industry.
Nascor Musicals had recorded the following audios which are rocking the air waves highly in the whole region;
“No More Tomorrow” which he also did a remix featuring Laxzy & Blamo “Mover’s”
“Don’t Go” featuring Producer Black Da Massacre
“Wot Tye” ft Tony Blair
“Malaika” ft Tony Blair
“Hustle” ft Tony Blair
“Let Me Hold You” ft. Ever Dee
Nascor Musicals had made a single video for his audio “Wot tye”.
Nascor Musicals is currently an assigned artist in SKYPUSS Music Crew with other artists like EVER DEE, MR.SAD, B.KATZ ,TONNY BLAIR, PAPO BWOY AND others.
They are currently not having any manager or promoter but hoping to get one soon.
To reach Nascor Musicals; Call him on 0777584140.