No more Laxy & Blamo till next year said Blamo mover

Could it be Laxy and Blamo break’s up?yaa it might but it’s not yet clear about what’s going between the two.Some time you might ask your self why is it the duo are going Solo and they are no longer recording song together?
Last Saturday 22/Sept/2017 during an interview on radio Rupiny top 20, Blamo mover who change his name from Blamo mover to Nyinga Blamo clarify that there is no more Mover/Laxy and Blamo till nex yeart,he claims that there is Little issue between them that they need to solve it before they come back as mover.he also added that the second reason why they are not recording together is that they want to try if each can do better in Solo.

“there is no more laxy and Blamo till next year,we still have some small issue to solve not even about women or money, but if it goes well then mover/Laxy and Blamo will come back, secondly l want to promote my new drop album’Nyinga Blamo” and we are also trying to do Solo and see if each of us are good in it.”…..Said Blamo while at Rudio Rupiny