No need of electricity,Now You can charge your phone with an Onion

Have you ever wonder that you can charge your phone using an onion? No? But that’s possible. You can now charge your Apple/ Android device with an onion. For this, you no longer need any power from the power outlet. It works with the power generated through the process of electrolysis.

Here is how you can use an onion to charge your device:


Large Onion

Screw Driver

Energy drink

The Device and its USB connector


Using a screwdriver make a hole in the onion.

Dip the onion into a jug of energy drink, which allows the onion to absorb the fluid faster. Leave the onion in the jug for ½ an hour to 1 hour to absorb more liquid.

Remove the onion from the jar and dry the excess liquid using a towel.

Now attach a USB firmly to the onion and place the onion in a place where it can stand on its own.

Connect it the device you want to charge and see the magic.

Your device charges for around 15-20 minutes. The charging time depends on the quantity of energy drink the onion has absorbed.