No one should attack Lil Roy for changing his things to 2030,2020 has no business-fans sympathies.

Week ago when Lil Roy first announced that he has changes his success ambition from 2020 to 2030,he received a lot of negative reactions from the fans some even when far by saying Singer Lil Roy has no vision and he should stop making noise now because he failed to make in 2020.

“We added 10 years, 2030 will be sure win”..Lil Roy.

Luckily he had bunches of fans who can fights and defense on behave of him.

Omego Patrick
“No on should attack Lil Roy for changing his ambitions to 2030,he is right 2020 has no business.”

Okema Frank”
“I support Lil Roy even some big companies changes their 2020 annual plans and badged”

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