Norbert Mao Asked Bobi Wine to Pay D.P Candidate 50 Million To Drop Out of Kyadondo Race

Our reporter has found out that the reason why Bobiwine is running as an independent is because Mao wanted to sell him the D.P ticket at about 50 million.
Aaccording to former Presidential Candidate Sam Lubega,the artiste after failing to get the FDC ticket,Bobiwine ran to D.P’s Mao,for the democratic Party ticket,they convened a meeting with Mukasa Mbidde,in the meeting Mao told Bobiwine to pay their candidate about 50 millions so that she backs down and leave the ticket to Bobiwine.
Sam Lubega the Vice President of the Truth and Justice Forum a D.P faction led by Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago told journalists in a press briefing that they are to support Bobiwine for the Kyadondo East M.P Seat.