Northern Uganda Entertainment Award [NUEA] Changes Grand Finales Venue From Smiling Panda Gulu To Game Club Kampala

Northern Uganda Entertainment Award [NUEA] organizers has announced a new venue for the award’s grand finale from Smiling Panda Gulu to a Kampala hangout named Game Club.
The Award’s grand finale date has as well been shifted from 9th December to 10th December and will have all nominees transported from Northern Uganda to the said venue in Kampala.
Below were undates posted by NUEA organizer on their facebook page.
“After a meeting with Homeland Transport company:
Sir Allan Kaweireku NUEA CEO (left) and NUEA PR @djpertdadon (right) meet to discuss the newly associated Ushs. 2.4 million deal to prepare a bus to transport all nominees to & from The Game Club on the 10th/December/ 2017 in Kampala, Uganda, Lumumba avenue
Picking point for all Nominees is Karuma
# ChineseSupermarket at 12:00 noon. For all West Nile, Acholi subregion & Lango subregion nominees.
Arrival time for everybody: 10:00 AM on 10th/December/2017 Sunday.
Return trip will be at 8:00 AM on 11th/December/2017 Monday.
Please Note:
1. The free transport means is for only nominees.
2. It’s not forcefully to those who can’t use Public means. You’re free to transport yourselves…
3. We do not expect indiscipline behaviour during travel. Let’s behave us mature people, it’s supposed to be Fun not a market place.
4. Only those picked to will be the ones taken back.
5. The bus shall not carry managers.
6. The bus shall sleep inside the Game Club parking lot.
6. Please keep in mind to keep time!”