Northern Uganda Music awards 2021-2022 Full List Of The Nominees Is Here. Voting Starts Immediately

Below are the final full list of the nominess of Northern Uganda Music awards 2021-2022 go and vote for your favorite entertainer.

vote for overall artist of the year
2.Eddy Wizzy
3.Pato LoverBoy
4.Judas Rapknowledge
5.Professor Maros
7.Laxzy Movers

Vote Male Artist of the Year
1.Polite Mosko
2.Jackson Rosina
3.Lucky Daniel
4.Lucky David
5.Kiddy Face
6.Judas Rapknowledge
8.Pato LoverBoy
9.Eddy Wizzy
10.Professor Maros

Vote for best female Artist of the year

1.Pretty B
4.Tiana Ug
7.Ashaan Ug
9.Lady Zulu

Vote for Influential Personality of the year

1.Norbert Mao
2.Bosmic Otim
3.Ojara Mapenduzi
4.Rt Hon Olanya

Vote for best Hip-hop Artist of the year

1.Judas Rapknowledge
2.Mc Wang jok
3.Sammy Cast
4.Winnie Bk
5.Ken Lee
6.Rama Preacher
7.Toobi Smolz

Vote for the best Dancehall Artist of the year

1.Pato loverBoy
2.Polite Mosko
4.Rakas Topa
5.Small Pin charger
6.Striker Tresino
8.Dauggy Fresh
Vote for best Laku-bukubu Artist of the year

1.Young Man
2.Lucky Daniel
3.Kay Dada
4.Rap Coin
5.Badman Dealer
6.City Boy
7.Mudoz Boy

Vote for best Gospel Artist of the year

1.Lucky Daniel
3.Big mike & O.C
4.Molly Ochen
5.KicaRwot joshua
6.Labert Dickison

Vote for the best Collabo song of the year

1.Balance by Judas rapknowledge and patz Culture
2.Zim Zim by Eddy wizzy and Lyferic
3.Lworo Benega by Lucky Dee ft pato loverBoy
4.Neno wangi by jeff K and Wokos
5.Bed mega By Eezzy and Lydia Jazmine
6.New Kubus by Laxzy and Eezzy

Best Aguma Group of the year

3.Paibona Boys
4.Laliya Boys

Break Through Artist of the year

1.Foxy Bwoy
2.Striker Tresino
3.Lucky Daniel
4.Milo Vybs
5.High Priest
6.Neo Okello

Vote for New Artist of the Year

1.Clex B
2.Bob Narry
4.Milo Vybs
6.Eddy Current
7.Money Moto
8.packo George

Vote for Lango Artist of the Year

1.Profesa Maros
3.Okeng Born Town
4.Mr Dee

Vote for best West nile artist of the Year

1.lucky Dee
3.LB Sweaz
4.Monopoly Badcharacter
5.Elton LoverBoy

Vote for best comedian of the year

1.Lapir and Bouncer
2.Ojur Kwon
3.Banana Joe
4.Mc Ever D
5.Okello okello

Vote for best Dj of the Year

1.Dj Zero Douglas
2.Dj Anko Fitz
3.Dj Joel
4.Dj Khazo
5.Dj Trida

Vote for Best RNB artist of the year

1.Clex B
2.Kuchi Classic
4.Joe Emrold

Vote for best Mc of the year

1.MC Kwass
2.MC Rajj
3.Mc Dogo
4.MC Young Moni
5.MC Fabulous

Promoter of the year

1.Great Steve
2.Abem Bem
4.Wire Mach
5.Badman Solo
6.Steve Pine Avenue5

Vote for Best Music producer of the year

2.Badman Nerio
3.Pro Klint
4.Powel Elyas
5.Dani Pro
6.Pro C-Vow
7.Giddy Beatz

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